The Participation

The power of participation

The development of the "Initiative Sustainable Greece 2020" is based on the active participation of social partners. Social Bodies and Business Associations, Companies, Local Authorities and Civil Society Organizations consult and shape together the methodologies and tools which are developed in the context of the Initiative in order to meet the needs of the Greek society with regards to Sustainable Development and Social Cohesion.



All together we shape the Sustainable Greece of tomorrow

Greece is at a critical point of its history. It is high time we manage a totally new reality and seek a new development model which will allow us not only to exit the current economic crisis but to create the basis for a sustainable economy while ensuring social cohesion through a balanced approach towards economy-environment- society. The current economic crisis showed that the principles of Sustainability have an important impact upon our financial systems and overall economy. Therefore, we need a development model which will be formed according to the principles of innovation and competitiveness with the view to create a welfare and inclusive society. In order to come up with specific recommendations and actions that would contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, it is very important to involve all relevant parties and to strengthen cooperation between the public and the private sphere.

We undertake a flagship Initiative "SUSTAINABLE GREECE 2020" which has the goal to promote Sustainable Development according to the basic directions and priorities set by the European Commission in terms of a balanced approach towards economic growth, social cohesion and protection of the environment. We are looking forward to a systematic Dialogue with representatives from the business community, the professional associations, the civil society and the academia with the view to contribute to the creation methodologies and tools that would support our country in its course towards achieving Sustainable Development at the micro and macroeconomic level.

The Dialogue will focus on the drafting of a policy paper which will be sent to the relevant national authorities and European institutions so as to contribute to the legislative process. The goal is to contribute to the development of a national strategy for Sustainable Development and Responsible Business by incorporating all the opinions and the commitments of the stakeholders who participated in the Dialogue process of the Initiative. In addition, the main results of the Initiative are: the Sustainability Observatory, Action Greece 2020, the Greek Sustainability Code, a Sustainability Index, and a Mechanism of registration of social needs which will constitute the tools that would facilitate organizations and businesses to incorporate policies of Sustainable Development & Responsible Business supporting in parallel social cohesion. In the Initiative Sustainable Greece 2020 we participate all of us, national institutions, local authorities, business and professional associations, social partners, the academic community and the civil society with the aim to:

  • Register the barriers for growth and the measures that support the real economy and minimize the social consequences of the current crisis and which correspond to the long-term goals of Sustainable Development.
  • Improve the relationship between the cost-effectiveness of the policy decisions.
  • Further promote innovative ideas and initiatives on issues of governance, corporate social responsibility and environmental technology in the public as well as the private sector.

We are committed to contribute to:

The attainment

of the goals of the Initiative


Greece’s capacities with regards to embracing Sustainable Development giving emphasis to the dialogue amongst all involving parties.

The improvement

of national policies and actions so as to create the opportunity for better governance and overall development.


of an Action Plan, taking into account the three dimensions of Sustainable Development: the economy, the environment and the society.

The passage

towards an economy of "value" which will incorporate in its economic results, environmental and social costs as well as benefits.

The strengthening

of partnerships that contribute to Sustainable Development such as scientific and technological cooperation, placing special emphasis upon minimizing environmental risks and tackling of climate change according to a European strategic framework.


education and training by developing initiatives and strategic approaches through the exchange of knowhow and best practices with the view to developing further the capacities of our country’s human resources.



Inaugural Member Associations

Eythymios Vidalis

Former General Secretary of the Board of SEV and President of SEV Council for Sustainable Development

Louka Katseli

Former President of the Hellenic Bank Association and President of the Board of the National Bank of Greece

Socrates Lazarides

Managing Director Athens Exchange Group

Evaggelos Kalousis

President Federation of Hellenic Food Industries (SEVT)

Andreas A. Andreades

President of the Board Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE)

Paschalis Apostolides

President of the Board Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE)

Constantinos Michalos

President Athens Chamber of Industry and Commerce (EBEA)