Recording the maturation of Sustainable Development & Global Goals in Greece

The initiatives and actions that have been recorded in the SUSTAINABILITY OBSERVATORY have reached the 3,000. The recordings concern initiatives that support Sustainable Development and have been developed by Institutional, Business and Academic Bodies, Businesses, Local Government, Civil Society and School Community.
The Sustainability Observatory, apart from being a national recording mechanism, which records the trends of Sustainable Development in our country, is also a Network for Sharing Knowledge and Experiences between the participants.
All the initiatives will be included in the Multistakeholders Global Goals Review -Greece 2020, an electronic version that will be presented at the International level, in the framework of the UN General Assembly, presenting the maturation of the issues of Sustainable Development and the Global Objectives of Sustainable Development in our country. The SUSTAINABILITY OBSERVATORY will remain open until April 2021. Participation in it is FREE and we urge you to record the actions you have developed in the last 5 years at

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