The Initiative

At a glance

It responds

to the need for shaping a new model of development in our country that ensures a Sustainable Economy and Society, through the balanced growth of financial activity together with environmental care and social cohesion.

The Initiative aims

Through a systematic dialogue:

  • To further inform the Greek market and raise the awareness with regards to Sustainable Development issues while placing it at the top of the agenda.
  • To create tools and methodologies, as well as to make proposals, in order to support the Organizations adopt Sustainable Development and Responsible Business practices.
  • To support the work of national authorities in their effort to shape public policies in the direction of Sustainable Development.

It I developed

with the participation of a wide range of social partners within the greek society such as representatives from the Academic Community, the Institutional, Social and Business Associations, the Local Authorities and the Civil Society.

It collaborates

with the European Commission, the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE), the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the scientific organization EIRIS, as well as Institutional Bodies in Greece such as the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism and the Ministry of Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy.

It brings

together a broad stakeholders’ network even from its first year of operation (2014-2015) such as: 33 Business Associations, 120 Companies, 17 Ministries/Regions and 44 Civil Society Organizations.

It is funded

by Companies which participate as «Sustainability Ambassadors» through an annual fee.

Framework & Goals

Greece is at a critical point of its history. It is high time we manage a totally new reality and seek a new development model which will allow us not only to exit the current economic crisis but also to create the basis for a sustainable economy while ensuring social cohesion through a balanced approach towards economy-society-environment. In order to come up with specific recommendations and actions that would contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, it is very important to involve all relevant parties and to strengthen cooperation between the public and the private sphere.


«Sustainable Greece 2020» Initiative aims, through a systematic and extended dialogue, to create a development model that promotes competitiveness and openness of entrepreneurship in order to promote a Sustainable Economy.

"Sustainable Greece 2020" Initiative has the goal to:

  • To create the necessary tools and methodologies that would support both the private and public organizations in their effort to incorporate Sustainable Development in their operations.
  • To support the work of national authorities in their effort to shape public policies in the direction of Sustainable Development, through a structured dialogue, the transfer of know-how and the development of common methodologies.
  • To contribute to a change with regards to how our country is perceived abroad as far as sustainability is concerned, through actions developed by Organizations and Businesses.

Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes of the Initiative that derive from the dialogue and the consultation process with the total of social partners are the following:

Sustainability Observatory

A monitoring mechanism of all the initiatives that are developed, at the national level, with regards to issues of Sustainable Development, Responsible Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility.

Bravo Sustainability Dialogue

A wider consultation and dialogue process on the basis of the initiatives and programs that have been developed in our country by businesses, local authorities, associations, academic institutions and schools with the goal to inform and raise awareness about the issues of sustainability and the responsible organizations.

Bravo Sustainability Awards

Promotion of initiatives and programs that have been developed with the view to contribute to the improvement of quality of life.

Greek Sustainability Code

A practical tool of transparency and self commitment for organizations with regards to issues of Sustainable Development which responds to the recent EU Directive for the publication of non-financial data.

Sustainability Performance Directory

Creation of the Charter of Sustainable Development & Responsible entrepreneurship in Greece. It aims at promoting “The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece” in terms of those companies that have applied a holistic approach towards sustainability in their business operation and that can be used as examples to others

Policy Paper

Registration of the opinions and views of all the invited social partners, with the view to create a policy paper that would help formulate the legislative process with regards to Sustainable Development issues in our country.

Action Greece 2020

Development of an Action Plan with specific goals regarding Sustainable Development which will be implemented through the cooperation between the private and public sector.

Social Needs Recording Mechanism

A Mechanism that aims to systematically record the needs of Greek society at both national and local level, in order to connect them with the programs implemented by the private sector as well as promote the development of cooperation between the private and public sector.