Take part in the Multistakeholder Dialogue now!

A Multistakeholder dialogue on Sustainability that supports a better future for Greece

Dear friends,
We would like to invite you to give us your feedback by voting for the sustainability programs that are developed in Greece!
Since 2010
, Bravo Initiative has been promoting a general stakeholder dialogue on Sustainable Development activities  in Greece.
The goal of  Bravo Initiative  is to inform, to raise awareness and to seek feedback from a large number of stakeholders regarding the sustainability programs that are developed  by Businesses, Local Authorities and Civil Society Organizations  in Greece. 

This year, 150 Greek organizations participate in the Initiative with the submission of 280 programs, while 200 selected stakeholders take part in the evaluation of these programs through a dialogue process together with more than 8.000 consumers through Internet voting.

Bravo Initiative is part of the Initiative Sustainable Greece 2020 and it is developed by the non-for- profit organization QualityNet Foundation in cooperation with a number of business associations, social and governmental institutions, the civil society and the academic sector.

Join our electronic voting and send us your feedback! 

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