Deion Bravo


BRAVO Awards which have been organized for the last four years by the QualityNet Foundation, the Network of Responsible Organizations and Active Citizens, are connected for the first time to the Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative under the title Bravo Sustainability Awards.

The Awards

Bravo Sustainability Awards aim to highlight and reward the best practices recorded by the participating Organizations at the online Dialogue for Sustainable Development in the context of the Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative. These practices contribute to the promotion of Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility, the advancement of responsible behavior standards and the improvement of the quality of life within the Greek society.


From planning to implementation, from idea to action:
Responsibility, commitment and innovation should be promoted/rewarded

The aim

The Bravo Sustainability Awards’ aims are the following:
•    To highlight and reward the best practices implemented by the Greek businesses in order to actively support and integrate Sustainable Development within their business strategy.    
•    To highlight and reward the best practices implemented by the Greek Institutions and Organizations which are linked to broader national goals and promote actively Sustainable Development with measurable results.
•    To promote those practices which constitute a model for innovation, growth and competitiveness and which can be reproduced and used in broader applications.
•    To support the cooperation between the private and public sector in order to develop activities regarding the improvement of quality of life and the promotion of Sustainable Development.
•    To raise awareness and mobilize the broader Greek society on Sustainable Development issues.
•    To enhance and promote networking and dialogue process on Sustainable Development.


Rewarding those who are distinguished


Who can participate

Bravo Sustainability Awards participants can be: Businesses/Professional Associations, the Local Authorities, the Civil Society/NGO’s and the Academic Community.

Benefits of participation
The participating Organizations will be able to:
•    highlight their practices regarding Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development issues
•    promote innovation standards
•    enhance their corporate profile and credibility
•    be connected to a network of leading Greek Organizations on Sustainable Development issues
•    achieve a greater degree of networking and interaction with other organizations active in the field of Sustainable Development in order to create partnerships and further develop good practices on sustainability

The Awards categories


Governance, Management, Market, Environment, Society, in Action, Innovation regarding Sustainable Development


1.  Bravo Governance

Practices and initiatives relating to the system of governance of an organization. For instance: Practices for combating corruption (Corruption) and promoting transparency (Transparency) and accountability (Accountability). Establishment of a Code of Principles or an Operational Framework responsive to the Sustainable Development aspects. Development of a systematic Stakeholder Dialogue with all stakeholders (Stakeholders & Shareholders) and integration processes in order to link their views to the material issues of an organization.

2.  Bravo Management Practices

Practices and initiatives adopted by an Organization with the view to set up and develop processes through which the whole of its operation or a part of it could be redesigned. Ways to embed the Sustainable Development pillars in the Organization strategies, description of redesigning procedure methodologies and operational efficiency. Presentation of wider strategic interventions designed to support Sustainable Development objectives.

3.  Bravo Market

Practices and initiatives which promote responsible marketing as well as green and responsible products. Development of social marketing programs. Implementation of policies/actions able to promote Responsible Procurement and Responsible Supply Chain. Initiatives for informing and raising the awareness of consumers.

4.  Bravo Environment

Practices and initiatives connected to the environmental management of an Organization, such as compliance with environmental standards, efforts to tackle climate change, sustainable environmental management methods and practices to reduce the carbon footprint. Best practices related to issues such as, the conservation of natural resources, management of solid and liquid waste, protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, sustainable transport and sustainable mobility, sustainable urban construction and urban design, promotion of activities for the environmental awareness will be further highlighted.

5.  Bravo Society

Practices developed in order to ensure social cohesion. Practices relating to employability and workforce training in order to acquire special skills. Practices which support the balance between the professional and personal life. Programs addressed to young people in order to help them acquire professional experience. Initiatives which aim to deal with the unemployment and fight poverty, discrimination and social exclusion. Practices that contribute to the development of the local community (promotion of tourism, cultural development, contract farming, etc).

6.  Bravo in Action

Practices and initiatives developed through the cooperation of private and public sector. Partnering activities and actions between Businesses, Local Authorities, Civil Society/NGO’s and Academic Community, aiming to contribute decisively to  Sustainable Development and the Social cohesion.

7.  Bravo Innovation

Practices of a high innovation degree which contribute to the increase of competitiveness and enhance the Greek businesses’ international profile.

How to participate

The nominations will be submitted electronically to the following online platform: 
For more information please contact our Offices: 210-6898594 or through e-mail at: [email protected]  



Three groups with different engagement percentage will take part in the procedure in order to ensure the credibility, transparency and independence of the evaluation process:
•    The Experts Committee
•    The Stakeholders who participate in the Stakeholder Dialogue
•    Active Citizens who participate in the online dialogue process

The evaluation criteria

The jury will evaluate the nominations and proclaim the winners taking into account the following criteria:
•    completeness of the submitted practice (methodology of implementation, measuring results and evaluation process)
•    degree of originality and innovation
•    evidence of substantive and measurable beneficial impacts on the three pillars of Sustainable Development (economy, environment, society)
•    significance of the submitted practice/action for the Greek society
•    possibility to use the practice as a pattern of further and wider application, replication or reproduction