OTE Group is the largest technology company in Greece. It is one of the top three listed companies with respect to capitalization, in the Athens Stock Exchange and is also listed in the London Stock Exchange. In 2021, OTE Group employed approximately 10,500 people in Greece.

Sustainable growth is an integral part of OTE Group's business strategy, as the sustainable growth principles are integrated into its operation. Key priorities include improvement of the Group’s environmental and social footprint, as well as equal access for all citizens to the digital opportunities of the future.

COSMOTE is the unified commercial brand for all the products and services of the Group and its key message is ‘a better world for all’. Its mission is to bring technological capabilities to all, so that everyone can make full use of all the opportunities of today, while also building a better tomorrow.

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Michael Tsamaz,
Chairman & CEO

"We are forging ahead for a sustainable business model and a sustainable world for all"

2021 was another extraordinary year. Extraordinary because of the challenges we faced but also because of the achievements we accomplished. Thanks to our people and OTE Group’s strategy, we managed once again to turn challenges to opportunities. Opportunities to do something remarkable. Το fulfill our purpose for creating a better world for all. Because we strongly believe that brands with purpose grow and companies with purpose last.

As a technology company, we take on responsibility for finding answers to the most pressing challenges of our time through innovation and sustainable products and services. It is clear to us that sustainable entrepreneurship and profitable growth are mutually dependent, rather than mutually exclusive.

That is why sustainability is at the core of our strategy for more than a decade and into all of our value chain. ESG criteria, embedded in our business, help us measure our performance and be evaluated by Social Responsibility Indices.

We are forging ahead for a sustainable business model and a sustainable world for all, by focusing on:

Developing an inclusive digital world for all and enhancing Greece’s digital future

In 2021 the OTE Group continued delivering strong financial results, with revenues going up, a 6% increase in adjusted EBITDA, and low net debt. Our solid financial performance enabled us to announce a radical increase in our investment plan, committing to invest more than €3 billion by 2027 focusing on the expansion of Greece’s Fiber-To-the-Home (FTTH) and 5G networks, so that more people have access to higher internet speeds. This initiative upgrades Greece’s connectivity and secures its digital future.

Tackling climate change and protecting the environment

Climate change raises environmental, social, and economic crises on a whole new level. Wild fires like those we witnessed last summer in Greece will likely be seen much more frequently in the future.

The world seems to need all the ingenuity it can muster, moonshot thinking, and collaboration between governments, business and individuals to help the planet.

The OTE Group has undertaken its share of responsibility in committing, along with Deutsche Telekom, to be climate neutral, for its own operation, by as early as 2025.

To that end, in 2021 we managed to achieve 85 percent of our climate neutrality target for 2025. We already power our COSMOTE Green Network with electricity from 100% renewable sources. In addition, we are committed to applying the principles of circularity in our business and properly manage resource efficiencies.

As a leading technology provider, COSMOTE stands ready to support its customers, partners, and the country in their move towards a net zero, environmentally sustainable future.

Creating an inclusive and prosperous world

In 2021 OTE Group’s social contribution exceeded €5.1 million with 4.1 million beneficiaries. Along with an inclusive digital society, we strive to support society’s other major needs for its welfare and the improvement of people’s quality of life.

These little of bigger steps by each and every one of us can add up to a big impact for a more sustainable world. Our planet and its people deserve nothing less. It’s what the world needs us all to do.

Together, we can make sure a brighter future is still ahead of us. We won’t stop to act in accordance with what we think needs to be done today to ensure a better world for all in the future.

Michael Tsamaz,
Chairman & CEO

"Our children have the right not only to live, but to live in a better world"

Because of the several challenges humanity has experienced in the last decades, now is more evident than ever that we cannot live just for today, making decisions that jeopardise future generations. And most surely, our children have the right not only to live, but to live in a better world.

It is of the outmost importance for companies to adopt a new mindset about a more meaningful ‘purpose’. With that kind of mindset at the heart of all OTE Group’s strategic decisions and the way we do our business, we are ensuring sustainable development, which is a precondition for the survival of the planet and the prosperity of societies.

For over a decade, sustainable development has been an integral part of OTE Group’s strategy and operations. We have managed to develop a ‘culture’ of sustainable development, due to the early adoption of a purposeful mindset. As we know, ‘corporate culture’ is a decisive factor in the achievement of any company’s goals.  

As the largest technology company in Greece, OTE Group capitalizes on the potential of technology and its innovative and sustainable products and services to create a better world for all. Through our profitable activity, we are constantly increasing our positive impact on the environment and the society.

Our key priorities include improving our environmental and social footprint, while also ensuring equal access for all citizens to the modern digital society.

By adopting sustainable development principles and ESG criteria, and through OTE Group’s C -suite management commitment along with the continuous support of our people, we can make a difference. In this way we can inherit our children a better world for all.


Deppie Tzimea
Executive Director Corporate Communications

Greek Sustainability Code

ESG Criteria Framework Implementation

Πρόκειται για ένα σαφές πλαίσιο ενσωμάτωσης και εφαρμογής των κριτηρίων ESG (Περιβάλλον, Κοινωνία & Διακυβέρνηση) από τους οργανισμούς για την υπεύθυνη λειτουργία τους, μετρώντας την οικονομική, κοινωνική και περιβαλλοντική τους επίδοση. Οι οργανισμοί δημοσιοποιούν την προσέγγιση και τις επιδόσεις τους στους άξονες της Στρατηγικής, της Διαχείρισης Διαδικασιών, του Περιβάλλοντος και της Κοινωνίας, περιγράφοντας τις πολιτικές και τις διαδικασίες που εφαρμόζουν, απαντώντας σε 20 κριτήρια Βιώσιμης Ανάπτυξης, με σκοπό την αυτοαξιολόγησή τους ως προς το επίπεδο ωριμότητας εφαρμογής των κριτηρίων ESG, τη βελτίωση της ποιότητας των δημοσιοποιήσεων και των επιδόσεών τους και την ανάπτυξη μιας ολιστικής προσέγγισης της βιωσιμότητας στην επιχειρηματική τους λειτουργία.

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