The Sustainable Greece 2020 initiative aims to contribute to the formation of the conditions for the creation of a new development model in our country that will ensure a Sustainable Economy–Society.
It is developed with the cooperation of social partners from all areas of Greek society and with the participation of a large number of active citizens.
The strategic goal of the Initiative is the development of a systematic dialogue at national level and the creation of methodologies and tools that will support Sustainable Development.

Business Bodies




Civil Society Organizations


Local Government Organizations


Active citizens

Sustainable Development Toolbox

We support the Organizations
in the systematic adoption of policies, procedures and practices of Sustainable Development & Responsible Entrepreneurship.


Mechanism for recording and monitoring of all Sustainable Development initiatives and actions developed in Greece & their connection with the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals.



Reference framework for non-financial information in accordance with European and national legislation and for responding to the need to publicize the performance of Businesses in ESG (environment, society, corporate governance).



Institution of dialogue and promotion of initiatives that promote Sustainable Development, supporting a sustainable future. It emphasizes the promotion of a systematic social dialogue, with the aim of creating a broader culture on the issues of Sustainable Development.



A point of reference for all companies that develop a holistic approach to Sustainable Development through initiatives, actions, policies and processes.


The Sustainable Companies Network

We network & highlight the Organizations that adopt Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility strategies in their operation, recognizing a new development model that simultaneously supports responsible operation, environmental protection and social cohesion.

SUSTAINABILITY AMBASSADORS, are the companies that adopt Sustainable Development and Responsible Entrepreneurship strategies and actively support the Sustainable Greece 2030 Initiative


SUSTAINABLE COMPANIES are the companies that operate with Sustainable Development & Responsible Entrepreneurship policies, systematically monitoring the impact of their business operation.


THE MOST SUSTAINABLE COMPANIES in Greece are the companies that apply a holistic approach to the issues of Sustainable Development, creating the business map of Sustainable Development in Greece.


Promotion of

The companies that managed to join the leading team of the elites of the Greek business scene can play an important role in shaping the new growth model that is directly related to the competitiveness of Greek companies and attracting investment. They can also serve as examples of good business practice and further influence through their Network of Customers – Suppliers the wider maturation of the Greek market in the adoption of Sustainable Development models.

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School community, responsible businesses, local community we work for the Global Sustainable Development Goals.



Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative
5+ 1 years of action and results

Presentation of The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2020
On the occasion of the completion of 6 years from the beginning of the "Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative", and the completion of the first phase, the actions, tools and methodologies developed to promote Sustainable Development are presented. in our country. Also, will be presented Completing in 2020, will be presented " The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2020 ", those companies that based on technical evaluation, form the business map of Sustainable Development in Greece.


17 December 2020, 16.00

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Who we are

The QualityΝet Foundation (QNF) is a specialized Organization for Sustainable Development, non-profit, which has been active in Greece since 1997, with the aim of supporting a Sustainable Future, through the creation of a Sustainable Economy-Society that develops with environmental sensitivity and social cohesion, as the main lever to ensure the quality of life for both present and future generations.

Framework & Objectives

The Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative aims, through an enlarged dialogue, to contribute to the formation of the conditions for the creation of a development model that will support competitiveness ...


    What is the Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative

    Sustainable Greece 2020 is an Initiative developed by QualityNet Foundation in cooperation with the most important business associations in Greece. The Initiative aims at informing and raising awareness about sustainable development, responsible business and social responsibility amongst the business community and society at large.

    Framework & Objectives

    The Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative aims, through an expanded dialogue, to contribute to the creation of the conditions for the creation of a development model that will support competitiveness and extroversion by creating a Sustainable Economy and Society.

    Why participate

    The Initiative Sustainable Greece 2020 places sustainable development at the centre as a common target and goal and context of cooperation with the total of the Greek society, the business community, the social partners, the local authorities, the civil society and the government.